Modern Day


Portrait of Jonathon
Occupation: Hair Stylist
Located: Seattle, WA
Born: Renton, WA
Upbringing: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Status: Resigned 2017

I remember having a dream where my mom and I were at the dinner table and I’m crying, like uncontrollably. I’m explaining to her for the first time in my life why I felt like I didn’t leave the church, but the church left me. This message tormented me in my waking hours, because I hadn’t thought much about Mormonism or my closeted life for a really long time. I blurted out to my friend I wanted to make a movie or write about the gay Mormon experience to share with the world. We started to read articles about youth suicide in Utah and the epidemic that is happening to this day. We went on a road trip and shot 81 hours worth of footage which became our documentary, ‘Latter-day Glory’. Across the United States we connected with other LGBTQ members and talked about self-worth, their experiences with marriage, and suicide attempts. At the end of the road trip I officially resigned from the church. For the rest of our lives we need to have enough strength to say, ‘Okay, even though I’m tired I’m going to do what I can to lift another person up and help them see their self-worth.’

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